"The Cake is a Lie" Premium E-Liquid

Grand Rapids E-Liquid

$ 3.95

The Cake is A Lie E-Liquid

Enjoy some delicious from Grand Rapids E-Liquid, like The Cake is A Lie E-Liquid. GR E-Liquid isn’t afraid to travel far and wide to find the best flavors for a perfect vape experience. We are also proud to use the best local flavors from right around the corner. Why not vape this Premium E-Liquid, we’ve blended a mix of rich chocolates straight from the Swedish Alps with a hint of our famous Traverse City, Michigan cherries to make the perfect cake to cure your cravings. The Cake is a Lie dessert flavored premium E-Juice gives you the same feeling as biting into a rich piece of chocolate cake. Add The Cake is a Lie E-Liquid to your cart today!
Zero Calories*

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