Stove Pipe

Grand Rapids E-Liquid

$ 3.95

Stove Pipe Vape Juice

Grand Rapids E-Liquid wants you to vape on some delicious Stove Pipe E-Liquid today. Another flavor inspired by our friends in Inwood, Ontario eh, Stovepipe was created special for Ziggy’s sister. This is Grand Rapids E-Liquid’s most popular candy e-liquid flavor and is always on demand. Some blueberry, some kiwi, and a few other fruity flavored e-liquids make this our signature juice and it’s tasty as all hell. Get it while it lasts, but be careful of your sister! Add Stove Pipe E-Liquid to your cart today!
If you are into the stovepipe and love red licorice, then you must try our red lines e-liquid flavor, it is amazing. 

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