"NBL Cream" Vape Juice

"NBL Cream" Vape Juice

Grand Rapids E-Liquid

$ 3.95

Cream flavored e-liquid from Grand Rapids E-Liquid is some creamy and delicious, NBL Cream E-Liquid from  and their dessert flavored e-liquid menu. What’s better than a custard filled doughnut with your coffee in the morning? Add a warm vape of Grand Rapids E-Liquid’s NBL Custard flavored e-juice to the mix and you’ll be satisfied and ready for your day of work. With a blend of creamy custard and a hint of doughy goodness, this is the perfect vape to go along with breakfast, or any time you’re feeling the need for a warm, sweet treat throughout the day. Add NBL Cream E-Liquid from Grand Rapids E-Liquid to your cart and thank yourself later.

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