Lime Vape Juice - Grand Rapids E-Liquid

"Lime" Premium E-Liquid

Grand Rapids E-Liquid

$ 3.95

Lime E-Liquid

Lime Flavored E-Liquid from Grand Rapids E-Liquid is a stronger than normal flavored e-juice. This flavor is another blend of premium flavor that is freshly sweet, and cruelly sour. The perfect combination for a wild night. If you like lime then odds are you like lemon too, check out our Lemon-Lime E-Liquid too. Many vapers decide to use Lime e-liquid flavor as an additive to other great Grand Rapids E-Liquid's vape juices.

Warning: Use glass tanks when vaping citrus flavors. Citrus based flavors should not be used in plastic tanks. The same rules apply to cinnamon flavors. 

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