Baja Blast Vape Juice

"Baja" Flavored Vape Juice

$ 5.95

Lets say It’s 2 AM, you’ve had a few drinks, and you managed to inevitably achieve the munchies. Make your tacos at home this time with this blast from, and follow it up with a cool vape of Baja, only this e-juice is limited edition. The juice helps to settle those late night munchies just like your favorite soda and leaves you feeling fresh with a blast of Baja flavor. Exactly like that hard-to-get liter of cola you crave for your fourth meal! So, put down the vaporizer, and pick up the vape pen. Skip the dew, do the vape. Baja e-juice is part of our drink flavored e-liquid collection! What are you waiting for, add Baja Blast E-Liquid to your cart now, you won't be disappointed. Try Red Code dew flavored juice, along with Mt. Doom if you are feeling a little original.

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