Apple Vape Juice - Grand Rapids E-Liquid

"Apple" Premium E-Liquid

Grand Rapids E-Liquid

$ 3.95

The Apple E-Liquid flavor from Grand Rapids E-liquid has only all natural flavors in it, so bite right into the crisp Michigan Apple that stole your heart when the fading rays of summer turned to fall. This premium e-liquid brings the all natural fruit flavors of Grand Rapids to your personal vaporizer and every puff of your electronic cigarette will release unmatched juice flavor that tastes like the real thing. Unlike the overwhelming, sugary taste of some E-Juice candied apple flavors, our knowledgeable mixing team has crafted a wholesome flavor that’s authentic and fresh. Crisp & clean, this is resembles a bite into a fresh Michigan apple every single time you take a hit. Choose your nicotine level and E-Liquid size for the perfect atomizer experience. Also, try our Grand Rapids E-Liquid's Apple Cider E-Liquid Flavor Today. 

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