What is Nicotine and Liquid Nicotine? How does it compare to Nicotine in Cigarettes?

Choosing The Proper Amount Of Nicotine In E-Liquid

Want to know more about Nicotine and nicotine e-liquid? We at Grand Rapids E-Liquid and sendmyeliquid.com are here to help you figure out how much nicotine to start with when you choose to cut back and hopefully quit smoking cigarettes.

Nicotine Vape Juice

When using e-Juices many smokers are confused as to how to figure out the correct amount of nicotine to use for their own personal taste. This is an option smokers have never had with traditional cigarettes, and determining the proper amount of nicotine can be confusing to those who are new to electronic cigarettes.Using too little nicotine in the liquid can cause smokers to become unsatisfied with their experience while using too much can make the experience less desirable in the future. Those who are new to using e-juice are advised to have no more than 16-mg of nicotine to start with. This is the amount of nicotine found in an average traditional cigarette. Upgrading or downgrading from there means that smokers could cut down to only 12-mg of nicotine in their e-liquid or could go as high as 24-mg of nicotine. Many smokers will find that one of these amounts is their ideal choice. For a light nicotine experience, 6-mg of nicotine can be used in a smoker’s e-juice. A liquid with 12-mg in it is considered to result in a medium amount of nicotine while 18-mg is considered full flavor and 24-mg is considered to be extra strength nicotine. Smokers who want a very strong taste of nicotine in their e-juice should ideally use no more than 24-mg. Each smoker’s preference for the amount of nicotine in their e-liquid varies. Experts recommend that smokers stick to the same amount of nicotine found in the traditional cigarettes they previously smoked, as it makes the transition from traditional to electronic cigarettes easier.The reason why smokers should avoid using an amount of nicotine in their e-juice that is too low is because it will cause them to smoke electronic cigarettes much more frequently than they ever smoked traditional cigarettes. Smokers who prefer full flavored traditional cigarettes need to use 16-mg of nicotine in their e-liquid. 

 On the other hand, when smokers use too much nicotine in their e-liquid they often end up feeling lightheaded. This experience can lessen a smoker’s satisfaction with their electronic cigarette. Many smokers will mistakenly think that increasing their level of nicotine will make the experience more enjoyable. Those who insist on doing so are better off gradually increasing the amount of nicotine they used in their e-liquid in order to adjust to the new amount. The goal of virtually every smoker is to relax and enjoy themselves with a cigarette. Electronic cigarettes and e-liquids are making this is a more viable option for many smokers who have grown bored with the limited number of choices offered in traditional cigarettes. That means that it is important for every smoker to find the ideal amount of nicotine for them. Those who are new to smoking all together even have the option of choosing e-liquid that does not contain nicotine, allowing them to get used to the smoking experience.
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