18650 Batteries and Chargers in Grand Rapids, MI

18650 Batteries at Grand Rapids E-Liquid in Michigan
Grand Rapids E-Liquid offers the latest 18650 Batteries. We sell most batteries fully charged so you can use them immediately when you walk out the door. We have 18650 battery safety cases as well if you need one, they are free.. To find out what batteries we have in stock just give us a call at (616)-272-4503.

Updated List 02/09/2016- 18650 Batteries (in stock)

Efest LUC V4 LCD Battery Charger - Available Online

Authentic Sony VTC 5 Batteries

IMREN 3500 mAh 30 Amp

Samsung 25R

MXJO 3000 mAh 35 Amp

Efest 2500 mAh

SubOhmCell 2800 mAh 35 Amp 



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