Fruit Loops Flavored Vape Juice

"Holy Fruit" Vape Juice

$ 5.95

Holy Fruit E-Liquid, a Cereal Flavored Vape Juice. Kick the toucan out of your way so you can reach into a box of fresh fruity cereal with this juice. We are talking about a blend of toasted fruits including, lemon, strawberry, and orange. Just like the breakfast cereal you remember, but without the milk. Beware of the toucan, he’ll be watching.

Holy Fruit features a sweet, fruity combination of flavors that will tingle your taste buds with a bit of citrus sourness. Hand mixed by our talented team in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This smooth, vape liquid taste will definitely beat the boxed cereal! Sweet red raspberry, sweet orange, and sour lemon flavored e-liquid swirl together in this E-Juice to create an extreme, fruity flavor for you to enjoy with your favorite vape setup.

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