Tell me everything I need to know about vapes.

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The three principle segments of an e-cig: battery, atomizers, and vape juices.

What you have to know before we begin is that there are 3 fundamental parts in a vaping:
  • Batteries to power the device. The battery fills in as a wellspring of vitality to control the atomizer. 
  • An Atomizer to produce heat and vaporize the vape juice
  • Vape Juice (Usually Food Grade Flavoring + Vegetable Glycerin + Propylene Glycol)

The atomizer is a piece of the gadget that warms and turns the flavored juice vapor.


Different kinds a vapes can be separated into 4 classes:

  • Cig-A-Likes (Old School) 
  • Vape Pens (2014-2016) 
  • Mods (2015-2018 any beyond) 
  • New Small Cig-A-Likes (Juul Vape Pen kits with pods)

    What is a vape mod?

    Vape mods are the most recent version of vapes in the vaping network known for its capability to use Sub-Ohm power to create more vapor and better vape flavor. . The reason vapers maneuvered electric lamps into vapes was for one basic reason, its safer and smarter!

    Now days, the mods you find in your local vape shop are usually going to be outdated. Shop online and do your research.

    What about the little air flow adjuster on my vape?

    Unregulated Mods will be mods that have none of the inherent highlights found in directed mods. This means there is no electrical hardware actualized to shield the clients from vape mod breakdowns. All it incorporates is a battery, an atomizer, and a case to hold everything in. This displays a hazard to the clients since it has no security highlights actualized. Just vapers with cutting edge information of Ohm's law and electrical frameworks should deal with these gadgets.

    There are a few sorts of unregulated vape available, and it ought to be noticed that these bombs are not for amateurs.

    Mechanical Mods:

    Mechanical Mod is a straightforward positive to negative with unadulterated battery control that is housed in either a metallic pipe like tube.. They are pretty simple.. RDA on one end and a power button on the other. Mechanical mods are utilized by vape devotees who assemble their own sub ohm coils as not only a hobby but a new way of life.

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