How to Properly Priming Suorin Air and Drop Pods and What vape juice to use in Suorin Air and Drop Cartridges

How To Pod Suorin Air

How to properly prime a Suorin Air pod... After receiving countless questions and dealing with burnt replacement pods we have found the best way to prime Suorin Air and Drop pods and the best E-Liquid to use in them. After trying 50/50 VG/PG in these pods it seemed to preform the best. Compatible Suorin vape juice can be found on our website. Step 1: Open the new pod package. Step 2: Open the the Suorin airapod on the bottom where you put your vape juice in. (The bigger end of the RED rubber piece) Step 3: Fill the pod with your e-juice Step 4:...

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Kanthal and Nichrome Dispenser DIY Project

How To

Idea from Grand Rapids E-Liquid in west Michigan,  to prevent your kanthal and nichrome from flying all over the place as soon as you touch it. This will protect you wire from being damaged prior to building coils.

1. Small Mason Jar

2. Drill

3. Neodymium Magnets

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