How to Properly Priming Suorin Air and Drop Pods and What vape juice to use in Suorin Air and Drop Cartridges

How To

After countless questions and burnt replacement pods we have found the best way to prime Suorin Air and Drop pods and the best E-Liquid to use in them. After trying 50/50 VG/PG in these pods it seemed to preform the best. Salt based e-liquid also works and can be found on our website.

Step 1: Open the new pod package.

Sourin Asir Pod

Step 2: Open the the Suorin pod on the bottom where you put e-liquid in.

Inside of suorin air pod

Step 3: Fill the pod with your e-liquid (juice used Stovepipe  50/50 6MG ) 

Filling a Suorin Air Pod

Step 4: Make sure pod is filled with e-liquid. 

Suorin Air Pods

Step 5: Put the red tab back into the pod.

Optional step: Cover the bottom airflow of the cartridge and suck on the top of the pod for 2 minutes.These pods act as vacuums to make juice flow through the pod. A way we at have found a way to jump start that process. 

Step 6: Put the cartridge back onto the Suorin Air/Drop and let sit for 4-5 Minutes before vaping. 

Sourin Air Kit

Priming a pod the right way can make the flavor better and the pod last longer.

Thank you for reading and happy vaping!!!

Make sure to try our hand made Suorin Air friendly vape juice.


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