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Flavoring Used In Electronic Cigarettes

 Electronic cigarettes use various specially made juices to allow smokers different flavor experiences. There has been some controversy as to how safe the flavoring that is used in e-liquid juice actually is. 

 Having evolved greatly, starting in 2014 there were officially 7,700 flavors added to electronic cigarette juice. Since then, a monthly average of 250 new flavors has been introduced on the market. Many of these flavors are considered exotic, such as Caribbean Chill and Twista Lime. Controversy lies in the fact that while many of the flavors used in electronic cigarettes have been deemed safe for drinking and eating by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the same can’t be said for smoking them.

 In an effort to make the electronic cigarette juice flavors safe for people to smoke, the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association assesses the safety of the ingredients that make up the e-liquid flavors used in electronic cigarette juice on the market. At this time there is no organization in charge of regulating electronic cigarette juice flavors and their ingredients.

 Diacetyl and E-Liquid Flavoring

The reason that concerns have been brought up regarding the safety of using flavors in electronic cigarette juice is that some of the flavors can lead to lung damage in electronic cigarette smokers. This is due to the fact that heating and inhaling certain liquids such as Diacetyl has the potential to cause obstructive lung disease that is impossible to reverse. Diacetyl is a flavoring that is often used on microwave popcorn to give it a buttery flavor.

 A study conducted in 2014 used 159 electronic cigarette fluids with sweet flavoring in them. Researchers used tests on samples of these flavors to determine that Diacetyl was included in more than 2/3 of the flavors tested. Of each sample flavoring that has Diacetyl in it more than half of those samples had dangerous levels of Diacetyl in them. Of all the samples ¼ of them had so much in them as to be considered over five times the recommended safety level. They have been declared unsafe for everyday inhalation through an electronic cigarette.

 As a result of this study there are electronic cigarette juice flavors that used to contain Diacetyl but no longer do. However, there are still other unsafe ingredients in many of the flavored juices on the market.

 Some are fighting for the Food and Drug Administration to regulate the use of electronic cigarette juice flavors. Aside from menthol, no other flavor is allowed to be used in traditional cigarettes, as the FDA does not want children buying them or even having a desire to. It is possible that a similar ban could be imposed on electronic cigarette juices in order to discourage children from wanting them and adults from smoking and inhaling them. Only time will tell whether or not the electronic cigarette industry will ever face the same regulations that the traditional tobacco industry faces. Many doctors and organizations are arguing that smoking is never safe.

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